Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New love, New debt

For those who never follow me on Instagram, I'm here to say.... I HAVE A CAR! 

A bit impulse of my mum, she looked at the car 2 weeks ago, made deposit, made me go down to sign the contract, and drove home the car last Thursday. EVERYTHING WITHIN A WEEK. A bit crazy hor? 

I don't know why the sudden decision for them to buy me a car, but I think it's because they don't want me to take so much time to travel to and fro school, and worry that I'll get home too late when studying in school. 

I really grateful to be my parent's (little) princess. My mum asked if the seasonal parking for my dad's car can be transferred to me as she was worried that I need to walk back home from the multi story car park (which is actually only a 5 mins walk). My dad asked me to pass him the car once a week so that he can pump fuel for me. SERIOUSLY, WHAT MORE CAN I ASK FOR IN LIFE?? I'M THE LUCKIEST GIRL ON EARTH!! 

And to everyone: 


Saturday, May 10, 2014


Been long since I update this space, not sure who else is reading hahah, but nothing interesting happen thus the lack of post. And finally, I'm here to talk about my 22nd Birthday!

3 May
Initially, I wanted to stay at home and nua the whole day. Eugene called me in the afternoon and asked to prepare and cab down to Beauty World Center because the 推拿 place we went has slots for us. After one hour of pain and smoothing of stiff muscles, we joined his family for their Mother's Day dinner. And then after dinner, we went to his friend's salon to cut and dye his hair. I was feeling quite sleepy at that point of time, and wanted to go home earlier as we had plans the next day. But Eugene and his friends said they wanted to eat supper and drag and drag and drag till its after 12, and surprised me with a waffle and candle in the cafe! I was really surprised, because after all they are Eugene's friends and not mine! Although I know it was my boyfriend's idea, I was quite touched by it :).

showing too much gum when I smile arghhh stupid gum :(

4 May
The next morning, we headed out early in the morning to RWS  because Eugene booked a Marine Park staycation package at Hard Rock Hotel! We collected our tickets and headed to Adventure Cove first!

The queue was crazy on a weekend, we had to wait 40 minutes for some rides. We tried all the 5 rides, and I think only 2 of them is fun, the rest not 刺激 one! When we were bored of queuing, we played at some kids water play ground or float around the lazy pool. We tried snorkeling at the Rainbow Reef too, and the water was so salty, saltier than the water in Krabi! My mask wasn't working well and water kept coming into the mask and my nose, I was so irritated I just hold on to Eugene to bring me around and didn't really have the mood to look at the fishes! Spent a good 4 hours there, and we went back to our hotel to check in! 

I super love the hotel! Every little details are according to the hotel's theme, you can find posters of musicians, guitar-shaped decorations and even a mini guitar logo embroidered on the pillow!

It's all in purple!!!! - heart heart -
The toilet's mirror looks like those oldies backstage make up table don't you think? Notice the guitar-shaped holder at the side, so cute!
Pool View guaranteed! (Y)

Washed up, dressed up, and out for our dinner! 

We had dinner at Jamie's Italian and ordered the Weekend Plank Set. We honestly don't know what a plank means, the waitress explained it until as though there's a lot of stuff there, so we ordered it lol. First up was the Meat Plank Set and Fish Plank Set. I guess plank just means few small dishes on a wooden plank.... It came with small servings of veggies, bacon, salmon, olive, some paste and mussels and clams. The only thing I like is the clams, and maybe the veggies. The rest I didn't like it, too italian-ish I guess. Both of us didn't touch the olive :X 

A first look of our Main Course Plank.. 

It includes Bolognese (which I forgot to take a solo shot), Grilled Chicken, Baked Salmon, some veggies and some fried cornstarch (which I really dislike).


Baked Salmon... Sorry for the bad photo because the lighting was really bad
the veggie and cornstarch
Luckily my bf ordered some truffle fries too! It's good! 

And the dessert! The desserts really look damn good,but we were damn full by then!

Brownies! With some caramelized pop corns beside yummmmm
Looks like carrot cake, but it is actually tiramisu! Damn good I swear, I love how they added orange into it!
I don't like this. Too sweet, and fattening too :/
And a pot of tea for each of us! I ordered Earl Grey, but hate it man, didn't know Earl Grey taste so bad :X 

Everything (excluding the additional truffle fries) for $138, excluding taxes of course. Worth it? Not too sure about that, because we definitely can go somewhere better with this price. But we were damn full from all these food, so not a bad experience afterall.

Took a stroll and back to our room. Spammed photos because I love my dress hehehehehe. 

Act yi ge demure LOL! The dress looks like a plain lace dress right? But wait....

What do you mean by it's plain?! It's a super V bare back dress! -insert own whistle- Although it's too loose for me after altering, I STILL LOVE YOU PRETTY WHITE DRESS!!!!
timer shots very fail....

5 May
Woke up, checked out, and off to S.E.A Aquarium! 

Floral dress bought in TW!
Anw, I just rmb I forgot to write about my newly dyed hair (about 1 month plus ago). If you notice in the photos above, I have some blonde highlights now. How does it look? -insert puppy eyes- Nice or not?! I have mixed views about it so not too sure if I'm gonna do anything to my hair yet. 

My favourite part of S.E.A Aquarium is the Typhoon Theatre, and how it leads to this shipwreck exhibition 
They look like toy fishes hahahaha, so cute! 
weird looking fishes
my boy touching the starfishes
More fishes... (A big fish photobombed at the side LOL)
And more fishes!!
retarded boyfriend...
Very act yi ge
LOL at the fish on the right
Super big Spider Crabs... looks yummy :X
Poor diver was feeding these hungry fishes and the big stingrays came and sat over food to snatch the food LOL 
原来urchin 长这样!

Okay that's all time to sleep!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Recently my mum was watching some old Kdrama and I saw this guy on the TV. He made me stopped and sat down to watch the show together with my mum, because he really 太帅了!!!!! TOTALLY 电到 YOU KNOW!!

SO CUTE~~~~~
He is Yoo Gun. Not sure if he's mixed or not though, but he's born in US. He reminds me of another eyecandy...


哦 我融化了!!!!!

OH Rhydian Vaughan is really too handsome and cute already! And recently, I just watch "Now You See Me" on Funshion, and one of the guy caught my attention!

Dave Franco~

I guess I found the similarities between all 3 of them, they all have really sharp features! I think I'm a sucker for guys with sharp features, because I realised Eugene has really sharp eyes and nose (for an Asian) too (although his eyes is small ._.)!!

Still love you most larh! 

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Monday, March 10, 2014


There's nothing interesting in my life for the past few weeks, so I got nothing to write about. I shall tell you more about the 2 recent Korean dramas that got me so addicted!

Firstly, it's "You Who Came From The Stars"! Yes it's the drama that the whole world is raving about now! It caught my attention since filming as it's Gianna Jun's first drama after so many years! Overall the show was great, I was really engrossed in it throughout the 21 episodes! One of the must-watch Kdramas I would say, it's funny but yet touching, and always so exciting! The story plot was really unexpected and different the other dramas! So watch it if you have time! I made Kaiyuan watch and she liked it too (which is so unexpected for someone who only watch angmoh shows!)!

And the next one is "Emergency Couple"! Song Ji Hyo is the main lead, so it naturally caught my attention (I'm a big Running Man fan who watch EVERY episode!). It was broadcasted on a not so mainstream channel in Korea, so I guess that's why the ratings weren't so great. BUT TRUST ME, it's good! The chemistry between the 2 main leads are good, and it's so funny!! The storyline is quite interesting too, talking about divorced couple at the same work place. There's some surgery scenes (since it's about Emergency Room) that I don't like, but other than that everything is good! Currently at episode 13, and it's the  暧昧暧昧 part!!

And something that made me sit in front of the TV every Friday night, is a China show called "最强大脑". I'm not a science person, in fact I hate science, but this show got me so hooked up because the people on the show are really incredibly smart! Some of the performances really made my hair stand you know!! You will be amaze too!

This is the best video I could find! The China version aren't on youtube unfortunately, but if you're interested you can watch on Funshion! Every contestant has a different talent, some on memory, some on maths, some on senses!


One of the best performance I watched! This was just last Friday!